Team of Sail in Spain

Giselle – skipper & CEO of Sail in Spain

Team of Sail in Spain Skipper Giselle

Hello, this is me, Giselle.

I am the skipper of the BARBARO, our beautiful sailboat located in Puerto Banús, and the person behind Sail in Spain.

I am passionate about the sea and enjoying everything it offers us: feeling the breeze of the wind on my face, jumping a wave, sliding across the surface of the water, sailing with dolphins,… That’s why, whenever I can, I go to the sea to practice my favorite sports: kitesurfing, sailing, surfing. Being in contact with nature doing my favorite hobbies gives me all the balance I need.

Giselle part of our team and her hobby kitesurf
Team of sail in Spain enjoying the sea
Skipper of Barbaro sailboat
Our team and their hobbies surf
Giselle skipper of sail in Spain and rider

Team of Sail in Spain

Roberto – My father

with my father part of the team Sail in Spain

Here I am sailing with my father, Roberto, on the BARBARO. And sailing is a shared passion.

A few years ago we used run regattas together in the “Get Wet”, a 5 meter length Sport Boat, with which, as its name suggests, we almost always ended up soaked, but very happy.

In the many hours we spent aboard the Get Wet, sometimes sailing, sometimes waiting for the wind, the wonderful idea arose: What if we worked sailing, sharing this experience with more people?

Our adventures on the “Get Wet”

the past of Sail in Spain's team

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