Full Day Sailing

Full day sailing Marbella

Living an authentic experience in the Mediterranean sailing a full day

Full day sailing: the experience will allow you to totally disconnect to connect with the sea, navigation and tranquility. The sailboat is exclusive for you, with a crew at your disposal.

Full day sailing in a sailboat

A wonderful day in the Mediterranean Sea…

We start the day at 12:30 p.m. at dock number 5. Once installed on the sailboat, we will set sail from Puerto Banús to begin the experience. Since the course of the navigation will be determined by the prevailing wind of that day, there will be two possibilities.

Option 1

First option is it blows from the “levante” (East-Southeast component wind). In this case we will sail upwind (against the wind) towards Malaga. We will get to Cabopino if the wind allows it.

Option 2

Second option is that it blows from the “west” (West-Southwest component wind). In this second case we would sail to the West. Being able to reach Estepona.

Sailing from Puerto Banús

Option 3

On the other hand, if there is little wind, other alternative activities can be done in the sea: anchored near the coast, you can take swim. And also we have on board a paddle surf board and some equipment to make skorkelling.

According to the day progresses…

Approximately halfway through the tour, lunch will be served: Iberian meat and cheese, Spanish omelette, hummus, … Later, around five in the afternoon, something sweet and fruit is served. Finally, at 7.30 p.m. we will finish the full day navigation arriving at the port.

Anchored in a cove and swim

It includes

– Drinks (beer, white wine, soft drinks, water)

– Snacks

– Lunch (Iberian ham, cheese, Spanish omelette…)

– Afternoon snanck

– Fuel

– Skipper

Other information

7 hours

6 passengers maximum

Departure times

From June to September: 12.30 PM